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Reliable IT Support and Consulting in London

Managed IT Support Services

We work with small and medium sized companies, charities and public sector bodies as well as busy individuals.

We provide IT Help desk support, networking consultancy, remote working solutions as well as hardware and software solutions.

Transforming small to medium-sized London businesses with innovative IT solutions, we ensure that our clients receive the best customer experience from our services. We are delighted to announce that thanks to our growing client base in London, we are now expanding our services to reach the heart of Kensington and Temple with our newly opened branch in the area to cater to your specific IT needs.

We understand that every business venture works differently. With special goals to achieve, they require unique solutions to move beyond IT constraints and unlock its unlimited potential for success. And guess what? We help you accomplish just that. With our extensive onsite and remote services, we cover all domains of IT, providing customised solutions for management of IT systems and users including additional support for your internal IT teams. 

However, our services are not limited to SMEs only because we provide helpful solutions to everybody in London. So, do not worry if you are a home user or a freelancer because we have got you covered.

Managed IT Support London

Our dedicated team of expert technicians with over 25 years of experience ensure that you feel free while you strategize and plan your next business proposal without worrying about IT support. As we fully manage your entire IT infrastructure following a custom plan that caters to your specific business requirements necessary for achieving your goals, you get to work towards success with a peace of mind, knowing that your company’s IT operations are in good hands.

IT Consulting London

Our IT consultants offer expert guidance and strategic solutions for your London businesses, so you do not feel confused before making a crucial decision especially regarding the upgrades or shifts in the technology infrastructure of your enterprise. Therefore, our team of tech advisors work closely with you to understand your unique needs and deliver customised, applicable plans that drive your business forward.

So, whether you need to improve efficiency, enhance security, implement new systems, or need expert advice over an issue, we are here for you, ready to walk you through the entire process step by step.

Some of Our Services

Helpdesk support

Help on hand for any issue large or small, solved remotely or on site.

Cloud and remote working

Access your email, data and programs from anywhere

Networks and servers

Upgrade your server, add more devices to your network, expand your network cabling or improve your WiFi


Is your data secure? Harden security to protect against attacks

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Why Chose Us

We are a London Based IT Solutions Provider

As we are positioned in the dynamic hub of London, it allows us to provide you with convenient access to high quality resources and talent, empowering your business with unmatched support and efficiency.

A team of Certified and experienced technicians

Our team encompasses certified experts with over 25 years of experience who are ready to deliver reliable and expert support for your IT needs 24/7.

Customer-centric approach

Our excellent customer service allows us to foster long term relationships with our clients as we always put their needs, preferences and feedback at the forefront. 

Security and Compliance

Through advanced protocols and continuous monitoring, we uphold stringent security measures, ensuring regulatory compliance to safeguard client data, mitigate risks, and maintain trust of our clients in our services.


“We have always found Focus to be highly supportive and efficient. Their proactive and professional approach has helped us smoothly though significant expansion. A prized part of our team!”

Our Support Levels

Focus offers 4 different levels of support: drop-in repair clinic, ad-hoc support, retainer Support and fixed-fee contracts

More info on our service levels

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