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It Audit

If you would like to get an overview of where you stand with your IT and whether we can help you, please take a few moments to go through the following questions. Then phone us free 0800 975 5392 or email us to talk through your IT situation.

How many PCs are in your office?

Are they networked (linked together for sharing data / internet etc)?

Do you have a dedicated server?

Do you know which versions of Windows they have?

Do you have Anti virus protection (please specify)?

Do you have a firewall?

Do you have a data back up strategy?

What is you main use for your IT systems (e.g. Office work (Word processing / email etc) or design work or database work or internet research etc)?

Do your staff have alternative work during IT down time?

How often would you say you had a significant IT problem?

Do any IT problems you experience regularly reoccur (please specify)?

How do you normally go about trying to solve them?

How long does this normally take from start to finish?

Do you feel that your current system allows you work as well as you can (in terms of reliability and spec)?

If no, what specific improvements could be made?

If you have a consistent gripe with your current IT provider, what is it?

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